Burn-out & Trauma therapie

Burn-out & Trauma therapie

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Everyone has experienced one or more traumas.

In order to continue in everyday life, traumas are hidden in the subconscious. Until we can no longer ignore it, get in too much trouble and seek help.

Then it's nice, when you work with people, that you know something about traumas.

We visited Muriel Venus of Venus Constellations who can tell us more about this


A trauma can arise, for example, from a car accident, but it is also possible that a trauma starts much earlier and, for example, already in the womb or during birth or shortly after birth, and if you experience other serious things later in your life, you will get an accumulation of traumas and that is a complex trauma.


someone with a trauma, first of all, logical thinking shuts off, so someone reacts a bit more from a child reaction. people often have fears, dissociation is very well known, looking away from people, so there are many manifestations of trauma.


You can process a trauma by integrating that part that you split off in a trauma, into the rest of your being. and there are different methods for this: for example IFS or Mindfulness or identity-oriented psychotrauma therapy or internal self-resonance.


The best way to deal with people with trauma is to watch lovingly and without judgement. You can do that best if you know something about trauma yourself, so if you are trauma aware, if you are trauma-informed, then you understand more of what is happening and you can do that by doing your own processes.


For example, you can do supervision, or you can be part of a working group or you can follow a training in trauma therapy.

See youtube.

Venus Constellations op TV

— Muriel Venus —

Met schroom en trots wil ik vertellen over ‘me laten zien’.

In oktober 2022 werd ik gebeld door SBS6, ze zochten iemand die wat over trauma therapie kan vertellen. Ik voelde me gevleid en werd ingezogen in het enthousiaste verhaal van de dame aan de telefoon. Dingen geregeld en datum geprikt voor opnames: op 29 oktober komen 2 mensen en ze hebben 3 uur om je mooi op de film te zetten. Het filmpje gaat 2 minuten duren. Je krijgt het filmpje met alle rechten.

Super, en dan...